Artificial Intelligence for Real Time detection & Vision Based Analytics for Industries

Product Offered

COVID 19 Software products
AI based COVID 19 Solutions from existing CCTV Cameras

1. Facial recognition based contact less entry
2. Alerts on violation of social distancing and face mask in offices and factories
3. Counting of manpower within an area

AI Analytics
on Images and

AI algorithms do the Real time detection and tagging of any breach in safety gear at construction site or manufacturing unit from the CCTV

Services Offered

Progress Monitoring

Cloud Platform & Customized Dashboard representation of large volume Visual & Spreadsheet Data for effective decision making

Turnkey AI analytical
solutions with Data Capturing

Turnkey work for Asset inspection and AI Analytics for thermal & Vision data collection, AI based data analytics and a dynamic dashboard

Strategic Business Advisory
for Power Transmission Business

Strategic Business Advisory in EHV Transmission Sector for projects under Tariff based Competitive Bidding