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    Why Blended PMO is a MUST for any project , specially Tariff based, for any stake holder like -

    • Lender
    • Developer
    • Contractor
    • Proj. beneficiaries

    On account of high Risk on Capital Investment, Credibility, protection of IRR, loss of Market reputation due to cost overrun, high IDC and time delay specially for projects where ‘project completion time’ and ‘project tariff’ are fixed from Day 1 and financial penalties due to delays are severe.

    What is Blended PMO?
    We blend IT based PMO techniques with practical project experience to make the monitoring system more efficient, accurate and practical.

    We monitoring all critical aspects of a Project on regular basisthrough out the project life cycle:
     Progress, time, critical milestones for Engineering, Supplies & Construction activities
     Requisite Manpower & Tools and Plant
     Cash Flow (inflow & utilisation).
    Supply Chain Management.
    Constraints (site condition, Working season, Requisite approvals)
    Productivity & Efficiency for each activity.
    Why our approach more result oriented ?
    We develop an project specific, analytical management tool, by utilizing the subject specialists and IT professionals.
    Continuous handholding from Project inception till completion by experts of PMO and subject experts.
    360o mapping of all project activities. Identification & assigning all the delay levers like funds, constraints, manpower, T&P, statutory approvals etc. to each element.
    Monitoring & updating daily, weekly, monthly progress through day to day interaction with the site, finance and project team.
    Generate critical project health reports for schedule & cost variance.
    What does a client gain out of an integrated PMO services ?
    A complete crystal clear project status through a dashboard.
    Able to see the implications and extent of each probable delay levers on milestones or overall project completion.
    Early warning system (EWS) gives time to management to take remedial action.
    A grip on the cash flow.
    Can control the ordering of future supplies or other activities in case there is a larger gap than between cash outflow and actual work progress.
    Project Monitoring in the experienced hands of subject experts .
    Services of technical experts with 30+ years of projects experience from Engineering, Quality, Projects from different Engg. Disciplines.


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