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    Providing an end to end consultancy solution for Supply Chain & Contract Management at pre-bid and post bid stages. The focus will be always on providing equitable conditions to both client and contractor for attaining an exceptionally high performance resulting in timely project completion.

    Preparation of the Commercial tender documents.
    Formulating the payment related terms and conditions considering all the project risks.
     High skilled Negotiations with domestic and International Supplier.
    Bid evaluation using 360 deg evaluation criteria.
    Guiding and hand holding the client through-out the contract execution and closure.
    Foreseeing the bottlenecks in execution and advising the client on workable solutions.
    Worldwide sourcing, negotiations for equipment or spares from International and Domestic markets for Electrical, Mechanical and Control systems for power sector.
    Facilitate and support the International Suppliers in their timely order execution while operating in Indian markets.
    Logistic Management with Just in time deliveries.
    Preparation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Tendering, Procurement, Contracting, Negotiations, Store Management.
    Preparation of Project Specific Conditions of Contract (GCC & SCC) with suitable Service Level agreements (SLA), project schedule linked milestone.
    Vendor Management.

    Remedial Contracts :
    Remedial contract is done on Client’s request to (re)structure and (re)negotiate to suit Client’s business objectives and technology innovations to contracts for services, that will support those goals.

    Objective for Remedial Contracts:

    Reduce Cost.

    Increased discounts.

    Reducing the number of contracts with a single vendor.

    Consolidate, renegotiate with vendors to better align with client’s organization’s near and long terms plans.

    Realign your organization’s vendor relations and Contracts as necessary to ensure that your existing contract portfolio remains relevant to your business for continued growth.



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