Artificial Intelligence for Real Time detection & Vision Based Analytics for Industries



Arcturus Business Solutions bring disruptive innovation and niche services in the Power , Energy & Infrastructure Sector by using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning for Vision data analytics.

Arcturus team is an amalgamation of Power sector and AI and Deep learning professionals who work for creation of AI & deep tech based analytical solutions for Power and Energy Sector.

AIonAsset is our cloud based AI platform for the Asset Performance Enhancement using Image Analytics for automated defect detection on large and inaccessible assets on Power & Infrastructure


- Our Value Proposition

  • We brings unique value proposition in the form of meaningful & useful analytics of client’s data hence contributing to their asset performance enhancement.
  • Our ability to work on specific customized solutions for client, is our strength.

Arcturus have three business verticals:


- AI Analytics on Images and Videos :

Our Strength:

  • Sectorial Experience
  • Passionate coders
  • Sector customised solutions
  • Developers of AI analytics in Energy and Power sector.


- Drone based Asset Inspection & Analytics

Our Strength:

  • Sectorial Experience
  • Strong Drone partners
  • Sector customised solutions
  • Developers of India’s first AI analytics to automatically detect the asset defects.


- Strategic Business Advisory for EHV Transmission sector

Our Strength:

  • Practical Sectorial Experience
  • Expert of Tariff Based Competitive Bidding(TBCB)
  • Expert of executing TBCB projects